R.I.P.   E…

R.I.P. E…

31. October 2019 0 By Molpertingerin

#ripe #inktober #inktober2019

Last but not least… Although my real name starts with an „E“ that’s not supposed to be my grave so I indicated different letters thinking of Edgar (Allan) Poe. The gravestone with the candles is inspired by one from the game Redemption Cemetary.

Sorry , I cheated on the grass and trees behind the wall with digital brushes as I don’t have time to draw them manually today and the picture looked too boring without (don’t judge me, I have reasons…).

It’s my 9th anniversary with my Molpertinger, we met at Halloween, I was dressed as a killer clown, but he still invited me on a drink. So I‘ll do a little less drawing in order to spend more time with my love instead.

Thank you all for this Inktober experience and Happy Halloween to everyone!!!